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PEC Season 3 News

PEC Season 3 news
A bit later then promised but better late then never.

Changes going into season 3

Introduction of the LMDH
We’ll be introducing a 3th car class to the PEC car classes. The BMW V8 LMDH will be joining the grid.

Minimum irating
We’ll be having a minimum irating for each separate car class
LMDh 2.5K
LMP2 2k
GT3 1.5k

Blue flag change
We’ve listened to the feedback and will be changing the in class blue flag rule for the overtaking within their own class. Slower cars have to give way to the faster approaching car which is lapping the slower car.

reduction of the grid size
We’ll be reducing the grid size by 5 cars to 55 cars.
10 LMDh
20 LMP2
25 GT3

tracks that are confirmed
We can confirm a few track where we’ll be racing at for next season. Order will change.
Le Mans, Sebring, Silverstone and Daytona

Start of the season
The start of the season will be around February or March. More info tba as we get closer to the end of the season.

sign up form
Sign up form will be released between the 5th and 6th race.

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