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James Parfitt broadcasting PEC Season 3

Hey All

My name is James Parfitt owner of JPBroadcasting, we have been running for 18 months and started with 2 leagues every 2 weeks and we now broadcast 12 a week, recently I was honoured to be nominated for a VCO Simmy Award for best commentary for 2022 and I made it to the final 5 but unfortunately didn't win but it was still an honour to be in the final 5 . I have 10 commentators and broadcasters working for me and when I was asked by Marnix to broadcast PEC I just couldn't say no.

I am really looking forward to having the pleasure to broadcast and commentate on this great series and my guys are hyped for this event.

Thank you for inviting me into this amazing series and more of the JPBroadcasts can be found on out YouTube channel. All our links are listed below.


Look forward to seeing you all on track ❤️

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