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23-05-2023, 15:33

Round 4 PEC Season 3

ITS RACEWEEK!! We're back for the 4th round of the season, the 10 hours of Sebring! 🇺🇸 This weeks race is presented by: Mandatory practice time Make sure to complete the 45...   Meer

23-05-2023, 15:33

Platinum Karting GP! (Dutch Event)

Platinum gaat een kart event organiseren! Dit kart event is een mooie kans van kennismaking, gezelligheid en vooral de snelheid. Uiteraard zijn mensen van andere community 's dan wel familieleden...   Meer

16-05-2023, 09:53

PEC Season 4

As we've completed 50% of Season 3 we've started working on Season 4. We hope to provide everyone with more information along the way. Only thing we can say is that Season 4 will be another banger of a season...   Meer

23-04-2023, 18:22

Raceweek #3 for PEC

ITS RACEWEEK We're back for the 3rd round of the season, the 8 hours of Silverstone! 🇬🇧 Mandatory practice time Make sure to complete the 45 mandatory minutes in practice in order to qualify for Saturday's...   Meer

28-03-2023, 10:06

Raceweek #2 for PEC

Its raceweek again! This week the teams will be driving at Road America for 6 hours for Saturday. We wish all the teams the best of luck preparing this week. Some background information for the teams: - PEC...   Meer

28-03-2023, 10:04

PRT Sponsor returns

NEW SPONSOR to sponsor our team until 9th of June. MSdrops is a Iracing photography "company" and will help us financially. Welcome to the family!    Meer

28-03-2023, 10:03

1 Hour of Lelystad

Karting weekend! Platinum Racing Team was out again on the karting track of @kartcentrum_lelystad for the 1 hour of Lelystad. We had 2 teams out this time; Platinum Racing Team: @winstonekkel @m.heijster Start...   Meer

23-03-2023, 13:41


We're proud to announce that JPB will be come our partner for the remainder of this year (including future Season 4) with a possibility of continuing the partnership beyond December 31st 2023. This...   Meer

17-03-2023, 08:58

Survey results feedback form PEC Round 1

Results of the feedback form from PEC Round 1 36 drivers filled the form in. Average of: 4 Stars Most common positive feedback: - Very well organised - Quick response from admins. Very organized! - Competition...   Meer

09-03-2023, 21:45


We unfortunately bring the news that PRL will be shutting down for the upcoming 2 months and possibly beyond. We currently have no time hosting, preparing and working on PRL and feel like the quality has...   Meer

27-02-2023, 08:38

We´re green!

First practice session of the season is done and we're getting closer to the first race of the season. We provide 5 5 hour practice sessions for the drivers throughout the week ahead of the race. Each team...   Meer

20-02-2023, 09:15

PEC Season 3 is full and ready to go!

Only 2 weeks until the first race of the season and we're completely full!! This means we have 60 teams ready to fight for the title! 12 LMDh's , 14 LMP2's and 34 GT3's. We wish everyone good luck with the...   Meer

08-02-2023, 08:43

James Parfitt broadcasting PEC Season 3

Hey All My name is James Parfitt owner of JPBroadcasting, we have been running for 18 months and started with 2 leagues every 2 weeks and we now broadcast 12 a week, recently I was honoured to be nominated...   Meer

08-02-2023, 08:37

Platinum Racing League continues the GR86 Cup!

Platinum Racing League continues the GR86 Cup! We will have 5 rounds of 2 heats with reverse grid (top 10), raceday will be Thursday evenings, format will be: 19:00 GMT - Server opens 55 minutes practice...   Meer

12-01-2023, 18:56

PEC Season 3 almost full!

PEC Season 3 almost full! The new entry list for season 3 is filling fast. With only 17 spots left! LMDh is already full and there're only a few spots left in the other classes (LMP2 and GT3) Head to the...   Meer

15-12-2022, 16:08

Toyota GR86 Cup Series sign up closed!

We've reached over 90 sign ups and have decided to close the sign up form. There will be 2 splits based on irating. We're really happy with a field this large with more chance for drivers to have someone on...   Meer


Toyota GR86 Cup Series on fire!

PRL Toyota GR86 Cup Series Information We've reached 77 sign ups! This means that we're highly considering and its likely to have 2 splits. BUT, Everyone needs to be in the league before the actual start of...   Meer


PRT Racing in the 3 Hours of Red Bull Ring

PRT Drivers Myles Owens and Iwan Bremer took part in the Iracing Official 3 Hour series. This weekend they raced at the Red Bull Ring. They qualified in P14. After a dramatic pit stop where the car didn't fuel...   Meer


PRL Toyota GR86 Cup Series Announcement!

PRL Toyota GR86 Cup Series!! After the announcement of the Toyota GR86 we've decided to set up a new and Free Series within Platinum Racing League!! What does this series include? - Free Car (Toyota GR86) -...   Meer


Marnix grabs P1 in the DSRT Radical Series

P1 for PRT driver Marnix Heijster in the championship after an exciting season in the “Let’s get radical” series hosted by @dutch_sim_racing_team   Meer


PEC Season 3 News

PEC Season 3 news A bit later then promised but better late then never. Changes going into season 3 Introduction of the LMDH We’ll be introducing a 3th car class to the PEC car classes. The BMW V8 LMDH will...   Meer