Platinum Racing League
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Marnix Jürgen Heijster
Hi I'm Marnix, proud founder of Platinum Racing League.
I started the League around December 2020.
Since then we've grown massively!
I currently organise PEC and manage the team.
My job is to provide the best racing experience for you!
Feel free to pm me if you have any questions,
If not, I'll see you on track!

Winston Ekkel

Hello, I’m Winston Ekkel Co-Founder of the Platinum Racing League.
My job is to drive as fast as possible on track and when I’m not driving I’m working on the league itself.
Want to get in contact with me? Feel free to sent me a message on discord :)

Sven Merx

Hi, I'm Sven Merx Co Founder of Platinum Racing League.
I'm head of the Platinum Racing Academy program and head of finance.
I'm the bridge between the Academy Drivers and Coaches.
This way we try to train the best drivers for our team.

Myles Owens

Hi there I am a British Sim racing with the love and passion for all thinks racing.
I have Recently become the CEO of Platinum racing to try and make a better Experience for our members.

Martin Hobson

Hi im Martin. the newly assigned ceo.
I am a Sim Racer from Yorkshire UK. Ive been a doing this now since 2015.
We want to give our members the best experience possible.
Need anything just ask.